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Welcome to Luke Carlson Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy

Our Mission

Allow the spirit of kindness, generosity, and healing to flow into those we treat so they can be their best and most successful selves.


What We Treat

How We Can Help

We believe in treating the whole body rather than treating an isolated injury or medical issue. That’s why we offer an extensive range of services to help improve movement and function.

Chronic Pain

We use a combination of functional biomechanical, respiratory, and neurological exercises to correct asymetrical patterns and limitations. This can reduce the severity and complexity of chronic injuries. We complement these exercises with manual therapy and education of healthy habits that will promote a healing environment.

Generalized Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is often recommended for a variety of conditions including postoperatively, chronic pain, acute injuries, and sports rehab.

Joint and Surgical Rehab

We are an excellent provider of rehab following a variety of orthopedic surgical interventions. These can include ACL reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs, total joint replacements, and other surgeries requiring rehabilitation.

Nike Golf Performance

Nike Golf Performance focuses on assessing the physical restrictions and biomechanical faults that cause poor swing mechanics. Then addressing these to allow golfers to realize their maximum potential.

Running and Gait Analysis

Using a combination of techniques of postural restoration and applied functional science, we will determine any dysfunctions, develop a plan to improve your running/walking, and work to return you to a level that both maximizes performance and prioritizes injury prevention.

Sports Medicine

We understand the value of healthy living. Sometimes injuries can happen during those healthy activities. We work with a number of area athletic clubs including CrossFit, Pilates, yoga studios, and sports training facilities.

Work Injury

Luke Carlson Physical Therapy has relationships with numerous companies in the Des Moines area to offer relief for work-related injuries.

Contact Us

110 North Ankeny Blvd, Suite 100

Ankeny, Iowa


Phone: (515) 964-9100 Fax: (515) 964-2700

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All About Luke Carlson Physical Therapy

Getting Better Together

Luke Carlson Physical Therapy is a locally owned and operated, full-service, outpatient orthopedic clinic. Luke Carlson Physical Therapy offers a wide variety of services for people in need of help getting back to feeling like themselves. Luke Carlson Physical Therapy has a number of different services offered to assist with a wide variety of ailments. Dr. Luke Carlson has been serving the Ankeny community as a trusted Physical Therapist since 1994. Luke Carlson Physical Therapy will work with your personality allowing you to experience minimal pain and maximum results! Our therapists use the newest techniques from the Gray and Postural Restoration Institutes. You have the freedom to choose where you go for physical therapy and we want to thank you for choosing us.

Office Hours

Here When You Need Us

Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 6:00pm

Friday: 7:00am - 12:00pm

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