Generalized Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is often recommended or required in a number of circumstances that cover a wide variety of conditions including post-operative, chronic pain conditions, acute injuries, and sports rehabilitation.










Workers Compensation

Luke Carlson Physical Therapy has relationships with numerous companies in the Ankeny and Des Moines area to offer relief for work related injuries.










Sports Medicine

We understand the value of healthy living, and sometimes injuries can occur from healthy activies. We work with a number of area athletic clubs including CrossFit, Pilates & Yoga studios, and sports training facilities.










Chronic Pain

We use a combination of biomechanical, respiratory, and neurological functional exercises to restore asymetrical patterns and limitations that can reduce the severity and complexity of chronically injured individuals. We also complement these exercises with manual therapy and education on life skills that will promote a healing environment.

Nike Golf Performance

Nike Golf Performance focuses on assessing the physical restrictions and biomechanical faults that cause poor swing mechanics, and addressing these in order for golfers to realize their maximum potential.










Running and Gait Analysis

Using a combination of Postural Restoration and Applied Functional Science, we will determine your dysfunctions, develop a plan to improve your running/walking, and work to return you to a level that maximizes performance and prevention of injuries.

Joint and Surgical Rehab

We are excellent providers of rehab following a variety of surgical and total joint replacements. These can include ACL reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs, and total shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle replacements, as well as countless other surgeries that require rehabilitation.