Do I need to see my doctor before I can go to Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy in Iowa is direct access, meaning you can come directly to us without seeing a doctor. There may be a few exceptions, but as long as you have a primary care physician we can take care of contacting them for the necessary paperwork. 










What do I need to wear for my appointment?

Clothing that allows your therapist to reach your injured body part. For example, with a knee injury, you may want to wear or bring shorts; or for a shoulder injury, a tank-top or loose-fitted t-shirt helps us.











How long does a Physical Therapy appointment typically last?

We try our best to keep appointments at about 30-45 minutes, but they can go longer if you have more than one problem.











How much will PT cost me?

Your costs are based off your insurance plan. If you want a quote of your benefits, you can call us and we will check them for you. If you do not have insurance, our self-pay rate is $80.00 a visit.










Do I need to complete any forms prior to my first appointment?

There are forms that need to be filled out prior to your first appointment which can be found below. These forms can be printed and filled out prior to showing up for your first appointment to save time or filled out once you arrive in the office. If you choose to fill out the forms in the office, please allow 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to get all information 










Do you accept my insurance at your facility?

We accept all major medical plans, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Coventry, Cigna, Midlands Choice, and Aetna. However there are some restrictions. Please call us and we can check on your specific plan for you.











How is PT billed to my insurance?

Physical Therapy in our clinic is billed in an office setting.